Open Source Initiative: RIP

For anyone wanting the quick overview - Open Source Initiative, OSI, is finished. If you ever believed the org held any value in the past. In fact, many free software community members always viewed OSI as a joke... a ridiculous attempt by faux source people to "keep busy".

With Open Source being fashionable, we have witnessed manipulations in conferences, a push for code of conduct (forged in a flame war), push for electing sjw and when the vote was NO! one was placed as interim manager.

Defendants of the OSI include someone from PostgresSql... I'm not saying that MongoDB license was rejected because of it... but maybe.. (speculation)

Let's Review:

Brew won't include MongoDB... there is a brew option from Mongo but not included by default.

Brew is a Software Freedom Conservancy Project

Brew refuses to discuss with journalists or the press the decision to not include MongoDB

Software Conservancy seems to have strong cronyism ties with:

  • OSI (Molly, Deb - Ehmke ran: All presented at Copyleft Conf and "friends" of SFC)
  • FSF (Karen legal counsel and SFC "friends" won relevant awards 3 years in a row)
  • GNOME (Molly, Karen)
  • SeaGL (Conferencegate - manipulation of speakers by reviewers)
  • Outreachy (Karen's)

Take this into consideration when placing any "value" on these affiliates.

OSI Sponsor - Microsoft

See Techrights for more information about OSI.